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GenNET Seat Time Waiver Program

Outline of STW Process

In order to follow the process for each student, the following steps have been developed.  If you have any questions, please contact the GenNET Office at (810) 591-4463 or email

Enrollment Checklist

Step 1 - Student Application

  1. STW Student Application Form, including Essay Questions
  2. Online Course Readiness Survey

Step 2 - Student Approval and Recommendation

Counselor completes the information and approval form, then gains pre-approval from the district administrator.

  1. Information and Approval Form
  2. Student Recommendation Form (optional)

Step 3 - Graduation Plan, Mentor and Course Identification

Counselor responsibilities: 

  1. Graduation Plan Worksheet
  2. Identify online courses via the GenNET Portal at
  3. Create schedule and enter into your local student information system

HS Principal responsibilities:

  1. Identify a Mentor-Teacher and brief them of their responsibilities
  2. Provide the Mentor-Teacher with the Mentor Instructional Time Form

Step 4 - Student Contract

Principal and Counselor complete the following:  

  • Schedule meeting with STW applicant and their parent/guardian
  • Review and sign the Student Contract

Step 5 - Student Enrollment

Counselor completes the following:

Step 6 - Course/Program Evaluation

Upon completion of courses the students are required to fill out a course evaluation and a STW program evaluation. The district is also required to complete STW program evaluations.